March 7th Meeting Notes

Posted on 03. Aug, 2012 by in Meeting Notes

Save the Date(s) for our Spring Fling! We aren’t set in stone on a date yet, but the following are proposed dates.

  • Saturday, May 4
  • Saturday, May 11 (Note: this is the day before Mother’s Day)
  • Saturday, May 18

Last year’s picnic was a HUGE success mainly because of all or our great neighbors (You!). If you’d like to help plan the picnic again this year get in touch with our VP, Lisa.

 Dues: If you don’t remember the last time you paid your dues, it’s probably that time again to renew your membership! Get with our Treasurer, Joe if you are on that list.


In follow-up to the most recent community meetings regarding Trinity Presbyterian Church’s (TPC) intention to rezone their property to C1 (commercial use), WOHNA plans to petition the county zoning office to delay any decision on TPC rezoning until residents receive the information necessary to assess the church’s plans.  Below is a summary of the discussion during our meeting and the rationale for our withholding support for a TPC rezoning request at this time.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not attempting to reach consensus on whether WOHNA’s supports or opposes the planned shelter.  Right now, we are just hoping to delay TPC’s rezoning efforts and here’s why….

1.  To date, TRC has not adequately reached out to or engaged the community – particularly about their operational plans for the shelter.

2.  TPC has not yet presented a comprehensive business plan for opening the shelter. Without this information, residents cannot objectively evaluate the potential impact on/benefit to our community.

3.  TPC has a small congregation – fewer than 140 members. So far, their congregation’s size has been insufficient to implement required activities in support of their goal of opening a shelter. Considerable volunteerism would be required for their plans to be successful and they do not have this level of community support.

4.  At the March 4 meeting, TPC was asked for greater transparency and a delay of their rezoning application. These requests were met with some resistance but in the end, TPC’s Rev. Taylor agreed to take the request to their Board for consideration.

5.  C1 rezoning is not required for TPC to make use of their property in existing or in new ways. If rezoning is approved and TPC cannot sustain the shelter, the property may later be used for commercial enterprises which could exacerbate the current crime and safety concerns of residents in this corridor.

Therefore, WOHNA intends to:

  • Contact ELTNA and ELNA informing them that WOHNA cannot support TPC’s rezoning efforts until the church presents their complete plans for the rezoned property to all three neighboring associations
  • Invite ELTNA and ELNA to sign our letter to the county zoning office requesting they delay decision on any TPC rezoning application until residents receive the materials necessary to assess the church’s plans.