February 7th Meeting Notes

Posted on 07. Jan, 2013 by in Meeting Notes

New officers were elected. Please review and get with these new leaders if you’d like to participate in volunteer opportunities.

President – Mike Barber (Alston)
Vice President – Lisa Amaker (Eastwood)
Secretary – Val Klim (White Oak)
Treasurer – Joe Leonhardt (Delano)

Committee Chairs/Leads

Safety Chair – Andy Huff
Communications Chair – Gene Garza
Parks Chair – Sid Smith and Mike Flynn
Neighborhood Identity Chair – Allison Hall and Melissa Hill

Project Owners
Spring Picnic – Lisa Amaker
Fall Picnic – Tameka Phillips
Winter Holiday Party – Jon Reese and Melissa Barber
4th of July Meal for Officers – Melissa Barber
December Meal for Officers – Annie Mullins
Tree of Love – Allison Hughes and Melissa Hill
Neighborhood Cleanups (4 total)
Eddie and Kristi Roche (2)
Anne and Andy Huff (1)
Robin Campbell (1)


Other Updates:

Atlanta Gas and Light is making good progress through the park. They should be out in March.

We have the necessary funds raised in order to install the swing set in our new park.